While Pablo Fernandez-Davila is a trained member of the Collaborative Law Network of Ottawa, he also acts for clients who for one reason or another can not work within the Collaborative Family Law Model (Collaborative Family Law is not for everyone).

Pablo Fernandez-Davila has been practicing Family Law in the Ottawa area for more than 19 years.  He has a wealth of experience and knowledge that he brings to bear in obtaining a fair result for his clients, while at the same time keeping the legal bills reasonable.

His practice is based on client centered approach, where the lawyer listens to the client first, and only then, based on the facts of the case advises the client in an honest way as to what the possible outcomes might be if the client engages in litigation.  The aim is to as quickly as possible (an this is where knwoledge and experience come to play) let the client know what the likely outcome of the case will be.

If the client agrees, and provided always that the suggested solution is in line with what the client desires as an outcome, Pablo Fernandez-Davila, will make a reasonable offer to the other spouse.  It is important to do this early on in the process, as this can have significant costs (As awarded by the court) consequences.

In general when couples split there are many issues to be resolved, these include (if there are minor children) custody, access, and child support, (while in many other cases the issues are) spousal support, division of the matrimonial property, and or divorce.

Our office provides a free initial consultation so that you may determine which approach (collaborative or traditional) is best for you.  Please call 613-565-8686 ext 114 and speak with Mrs. Curiel to book your initial appointment.   If your spouse has already served you with court papers please make sure that you bring the same.

While we are glad to give you the free initial consultation, we regret that we can not give advised over the telephone until such time as we are retained (you have engaged our services) for reasons of professional liability.

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