The traditional adversarial approach to separation and divorce encourages confrontation, blame and leads to an escalation of hurt and anger. When emotions get in the way and are emphasized over the long-term best interests of the entire family, especially the children, there are no real winners, only losers. At Hunt Club Law Office we help families in the Ottawa area avoid the adversarial trap and find fair family law solutions that work for the whole family.

Cooperative Family Law provides for the client the opportunity to preserve family relationships, and to avoid litigation and the high costs associated with litigation.  It allows the parties to keep control over the process, rather than handing over to a Judge.  Most importantly it allows the client to obtain through creative negotiations a unique, durable and satisfactory agreement regarding all aspects of their separation or divorce case, including all aspects of parenting and matters concerning support and the division of the family property.

At Hunt Club Law Office:
* We listen carefully to your concerns and objectives.
* We will help you develop creative solutions tailored to your family’s specific needs and goals.
* We work using a team approach (financial planners, mental health practitioners)
* We provide you with the advise you need when you need it

We are compassionate with clients, and will not allow our clients to be taken advantage of by their spouses.  We seek a fair solution, which will be a result of your decisions and most likely better than any result that would likely be achieved through litigation, and most often at a lower cost.

Pablo Fernandez-Davila has some twenty years law experience and prior to becoming lawyer he was an accountant with the CMA (Certified Management Accountant) designation. If you are seeking effective representation in divorce or family law matters, we encourage you to contact our firm to schedule a free initial consultation.  Call 613-565-8686 ext 114 for details.

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